The Army of Love

Fueled by Courage and Hope

The No One Fights Alone Army is an Army of Love inspired by the journey of one's battle with Leukemia. Every day we choose HOPE, when doubting would be easier.

We choose to FIGHT LIKE MIKE, trusting God will do the rest.

We stand tall because we know deep in our roots we are never alone. We want to pay it forward and give others the hope we have felt from those who love us dearly and those who are complete strangers. This is our dream. Our hopes that in your darkest hours you too, know you are NEVER ALONE. We hope you will find this website a place where you can find stories of hope and inspiration, share your stories, and connect with others.

We hope you find it a place where you can

FEEL love. SHARE love. That's all.



Our Family 

Mike (Our fighter) , me (Lindsey) and our three children. Jake(9), Celia(6) , and Graham (4)


October 9, 2020

In  a world that felt complicated , out of of our control , and uncertain, one fact always remained glaringly true.

Love is healing. 

No matter the diagnoses. 

The size of the hurt. 

The pain. 

Love will always be our greatest cure. 

Our army of Love gave Mike an extra 4 years of life. 

The love shared from his doctors and nurse...

September 27, 2020

Your legacy is every life you have touched. 

   Maya Angelou

Dear Mike ,

It has been hard to plan for the 5k without you. 

I miss you. Nothing new here.

Pictures from last year make me want to travel back in time 

 and long for you to be here. 

Beside me . 

Waking beside me .

Walking beside me. 

The kids said one night la...

September 11, 2020

"If we allow grief to do its work, the love that lives within it becomes ever more clear and present to us. In, time the love has a way of overtaking the grief, so that our loving , rather than our grieving, becomes our primary bond to what we have lost. It is love that holds our cure. It is love that is our cure." Jan Ri...

September 2, 2020

Fight Like Mike Monday

"It's not whether you get knocked down, it's whether you get up."  Vince Lombardi

Dear Fight like Mike army,

Today marks the beginning of childhood and blood cancer awareness month. 

I made a promise to Mike in his final days. And so here is my broken hearted attempt to keep it. 

I promised that I w...

August 9, 2020

Friday night a year ago , we dropped the kids off at my parents so we could celebrate our 10 year anniversary.

We chose to go  to an early bird dinner so we could make it back with plenty of time to watch many episodes of Suits on Netflix. 

We debated on whether to even go out at all , but seeing that he was about to h...

August 3, 2020

August 2, 2020

Dear Snookems,

The kids and I have been on the road this summer. More than any summer since you got sick. 

It actually makes me feel sick sometimes thinking about that. 

How it feels like I am doing things without you. Almost like ,

we are free to do things now that Leukemia kept us from doing. 

It makes me sad. 


June 26, 2020

Forewarning, Really Long! Below is a letter to Mike I wrote and wanted to share. Might not flow or make sense but I wanted to include it all. Grief is messy and unpredictable and I am learning to just accept that. Take from it what you want and ignore the rest :) I found an incredible foundation called the Gwendolyn Stron...

June 5, 2020

2020 , Damn. 

It seems to be panning out to be a year of unbearable losses , not just for me and our family , but for the entire world. 

I have been journaling some. Reading some. But I have had a hard time focusing on much of anything, except the next breath and step. I write a thank you note and can’t get through the...

April 30, 2020




The number that will forever make me think of you. 

Especially when it rolls around  each month.


The day I began a new journey without you. 

But I’m learning it’s not really without you. 

This new journey, 

It’s heart shattering . 

Breath stealing . 

It’s completely life changing. 

It’s so sad right now. 


April 18, 2020

Day +1258

Forewarning this is a somewhat sad post about grief

Once again I have been overwhelmed by your love and support these past three weeks. 

I am so  sorry I have not been able to thank you all individually yet or on some days even reply to your texts. I start emails and can’t get through them. And I think the next h...

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