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Fight like Mike Friday

I wanted to share a quick quote I read yesterday,

" Where there is great love there are miracles." Willa Cather

These words hit home to me because I have been a front row witness to this in the past three years. But know it is also true in the years prior to the call of cancer to our lives.

I went with Heather and my mom to give out valentines and share love at Emory BMT floor this week. The hospital to me is a place where great love exist throughout the halls and and in between the walls of the rooms where people lie in their most vulnerable states. Great love exist here in the administering of new drugs through doctors and the gentle touch of nurses. Great love exist in the caregivers trying to meet all the demands of whatever might relieve pain of their loved one for the next minute. It exist in the delivery of food and drink, in the diligence of people cleaning the room to keep sterile and prevent infections from brewing. It is exist in the place where it is needed to be felt the most.

Mike is a walking in flesh miracle because of this great love we felt from all who cared for hime. It is really no mystery in miracles. Because this is true, where there is great love there are miracles.

As I sit with patients, I see my face, my worries, and my fears in them and their loved ones. I see myself as a broken human. Broken open to this gift of love. Because in this land of grief and worry, there is also love. Miraculous love. We are all broken humans. But we are in need of each other to believe in these miracles.

I am thankful this week for the reminder of all the love Mike and I and our kids have received in our brokenness that led to his miraculous extra time on this earth he has been given.

We do not take for granted the miracle he is and the miracle we have been given. We try and live each day with gratitude in knowing that.

That doesn't mean we don't complain, argue, get frustrated and mad at life.Yet striving for perfect happiness , I am learning , is harmful and does not exist. Part of living this miraculous life is living all parts. The good and the bad and to be grateful for it all.

I believe that that is the miracle.

Live your life and days with great love, there will be miracles.



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