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The deeper that sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain. - Kahlil Gibran -
This quote came to me earlier this week from my email, that a dear friend and angel in my life shared with me., if you are not aware of, shares hopeful and inspiring stories of all types of good people are doing around the world.
It's interesting that most all of the inspiring stories and good that I read about, come from someones deep deep sorrow.
So I am sorry to break the news :), but I am pretty sure of one thing, we will all suffer and that our greatest joys will come from that suffering. Don't know that anyone gets a pass on this .
I loved this particular story I am sharing today because I feel our society does a poor job of teaching us how and allowing us to grieve. And that we feel we must do it alone in private, where in actuality ALL studies and stories prove the opposite to be true when it comes to healing through our pain.
We must grieve through community . We must learn to befriend grief.
And we must learn how to find joy and purpose from it.
As I grieve for a friend who is suffering immensely and I have no answers why, I am sad. But I am reminded of the lyrics from the song Broken Halos,
Don't go looking for the reasons Don't go asking Jesus why We're not meant to know the answers They belong to the by and by They belong…
And so instead of searching for the reasons and asking why ,
I am trusting I am not meant to know them.
I am only meant to allow deep sorrow to carve me from within and sit along side those who are suffering. Become a friend to my own suffering and grieving. And to remember I do not have to do it alone.
Because I have not only felt deep suffering over these years, I have also felt the deep joy.
The deep love.
And know that this walk with Mike has not alone been our greatest nightmare come true, but has at the same time become my very Greatest LOVE STORY,
As always I intended to just share the email and quote and then kept writing. The article explains it much better :)
Have a great weekend !
keep swimming.


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