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Our mission

Do your little bit of good where you are ; it's those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.    
 Desmond Tutu   


Sometimes we feel small and feel that we could never make a difference in this world that is big beyond comprehension and seems to be spiraling out of control. Our tiny lives feel that way too. And we feel we can not grab hold fast enough. We are treading water through unimaginable suffering and heartache. 


But what if we were thrown a grown up sized floaty by a friend, like when were 2 years old , and only knew to depend on others for survival. 

I wonder what our world would look like if we helped each other through the rough seas of life instead being left alone, battered by the relentless waves. What would it feel and look like if while you were continually being pulled down by the undertow, someone grabbed your hand and pulled you back up each time. Regardless of our differences.


This past year , this is what our army has done for us. They have saved our life , one kind act of goodness at a time. That’s all it took. One . One small kind thing. But they added up. And overwhelmed our lives. 


We want to do this for others. We are making this our mission. To do those small things. That overwhelm the world. But we need your help. 


We believe that if you have FELT love, then you are more able to SHARE love.

Our hope is to honor the soldiers in our army who have loved us. And to SHARE that love with all others fighting all types of battles.


Our hopes with this website is to pay those little bits of good forward. Brighten someone’s day on the 6th floor at Emory, winship, bring coffee, do someone's laundry, bring cards , or just smiles. (See blog for more details)

We hope you will join our army and help us share love amongst our broken yet oh so  HOPEFUL world.

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