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Winship 5k

Some of you may have heard already, but I have been fighting pneumonia for the past three weeks. Through all the scans and test for pneumonia Dr. Kota found a small lesion in my tissue on my upper leg. It is what everyone fears about leukemia after having a bone marrow transplant. We started new chemo's and radiation to get rid of the lesion and the the docs are doing everything they can for it not happen again. Yesterday I had a lung biopsy to see exactly what was happening in there so we are waiting on the results now. Once these results are confirmed I will move on with an immunotherapy I had last year that was the only medicine that worked for me. I'll have a few days in the hospital, hoping I will get to run the 5k this year. Last year during the race I was on this same medicine because Dr. Kota didn't want me to beat him so this year he cant participate so he doesn't want me to have a good time. Next year we will face head to head. These cycles of blincyto Last 28 days and are 24 hours a day. I will have two of them along with two years of maintenance chemo to follow. These are just the few things that are happening in my small world and my battle with leukemia. It takes lots of research to figure out just my case and how to prevent this from coming back again. Last year our team raised over $100k for Leukemia and Bone Marrow transplant research as well as to help fund Winship in their quest to become a top one percent National Cancer Institute organization. We are raising money for the Winship 5k which is on October 14, 2017 here in Atlanta near Emory University. Anyone who can join our Leukidators team as a run/ walk or a ghost member would be amazing. You will get one of our new design T-shirts with our moto "No One Fights Alone." We chose this because through out our fight Lindsey, our family and I have never once felt alone. The constant calls, text, visits and meals have truly been amazing. The most important part is how much everyone has helped with our amazing children. We can't thank everyone enough. If you just want to donate you can do that too. No amount is too small, it will all add up. Last year the 5k raised over $900k.This year we are trying our hardest to see that goal be over $1 million.By registering or donating under the Leukidators you will officially become a part of our army. The shirts will be numbered. We will have a website where you can find your name and number in this No One fights alone army. Every one feels helpless and asks what they can do. This is what you can do. This means the world to us . the top fundraising team also will be honored with the H. Jean Khoury award. This will honor Dr. Khoury who was head of hematology at Winship. He lost his battle to cancer earlier this year. We want this ! This would be an incredible tribute and gift to Dr. Khoury and hematology for the advances they have made and the impact they had on my life and so many others. Thanks in advance and hope to see you on October 14!!!!

No one Fights Alone!

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