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FLM Friday

Decided to try something new this Friday. I will be honest, it might be a one time deal. I am not holding myself to any kind of routine yet. Life is too crazy for that. But there is always hope.

I love quotes and just little reminders that help me stay in the fight. It can be from anywhere, books, devotions, emails, bottle caps, friends and strangers. They provide hope, light for the next step, a reminder to breathe. They remind me that I am not alone. And that I can survive dark storms.

So I thought I would share them here as I find them . It will also help me keep them in one place.

And by Friday I am in need of reminders, I find myself buried in the weeks tasks, whiny children and maybe this could be a place to remind myself and others to Keep up the Good fight. For me that means to Fight Like my Mike. Who keep complaints minimal and seems to not be in need of reminders besides this one....

On our wall in our bedroom we have a Vince Lombardi quote,

" Its not whether you get knocked down, it's whether you get back up."

He lives by this motto and does this every day.

The thought I want to share today is a simple quote by Ernest Hemingway....

" Write the truest Sentence you know"

As I try to write my thought down more and learn more about myself , these words hit home.

In the devotion book -Simple Abundance -

The author Sara Breathnach explains what it means to her.

" Be brave and share you heart. In doing so others see themselves and feel less alone. For creative work, one must journey to their center self. I must trust myself in the very center- " in the trenches of truth and dare"

Trust takes courage.

" All we need to know is that the spirit knows what we don't "

So get back up. And be brave friends. Trust the spirit know what you don't. And share your story. Thank you for listening to me when I share the very center of me. I am here to listen to your too! Together we will feel less alone.

So cheers to that! Have a FuN and wonderful weekend! Fighting Like Mike and Trusting God will do the rest.

Keep swimming-



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