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Simply Live

“Be happy in the moment, that’s enough. Each moment is all we need, not more.” — Mother Teresa

We are meant to live in the present moment and only that moment, yet it is a simple but extremely difficult task. I strive to do this but fail daily.

I continue to pray for my friend Emily, who needs a miracle.

Do not wait for the next moment to pass you by without doing what you love and sharing love with those around you.

Do not wait til your laundry pile is tackled. It will just come back tomorrow.

Do not wait until your dishes are all clean and happily put back in the cabinets. I think they like visiting with each other in the sink, personally.

Do not wait until you lose 5 lbs.

Do not wait until the kids homework is finished.

Do not wait until you finished your list and chaos of days has cleared. Chaos never ceases.

Do not wait til your happy and accomplished and have the perfect job.

Do not wait!



Instead Do.

Do live in the very moment of today.

And do all that you love.

And love everyone well.

Live in the moment and get muddy in the storms of life.

That is all that matters.

And if you put life into this perspective.

God will guide your days and you will feel him with you.

You will find joy.

You will find purpose.

You will find your laundry will get done. (Maybe by your mom who stops by to keep the kids )

live in the messes...



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