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Fight Like Mike Friday

I wanted to share this picture today as it has been my motivation lately and reminder to keep surrendering to the journey.

On July 4th Mike started an antibiotic at Winship for his lung infection. He has been on this same IV antibiotic , EVERY single day since( except the 1 day we actually forgot).

We went to emory everyday the first two months, which become exhausting spending at least three hours there everyday.

We had resisted home healthcare because we didn't want to burden Jake, Celia, and G with one more damn issue from cancer. We wanted normalcy for them , even though we know that normalcy does not exist.

However out of exhaustion, we surrendered.

And this picture was the gift we received.

Sweet Celia, will do anything for her daddy , anything to help make his pain and suffering a little better.

And so of course she learned how to change the medicine.

God's grace shows up when you finally surrender to his plan, his love.

As much as we want to shield and protect them from the heartache of cancer, I find the more we give in and more we let them be a part of it, the more peace that comes for all of us.

They are learning the deep deep love that is parallel to to deep deep suffering.

It is hard.

But do it anyway.

I promise God won't let you down either.

And maybe Celia will be a nurse one day :)

Also- Mike is doing ok, he has been dealing with quite a few side effects from GVHD and possibly chemo changes. And fighting two bad viruses on top of it. But he is hanging in there, life has been tough the past month, but not without love and gratitude and so we remain hopeful.

I will post , hopefully this weekend , more about the changes in treatment plan and more about what's been on my heart.

Love you all. Keep surrendering,



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