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FLM Friday

FLM Friday. 

All the love here. 

No Alone time or personal space ever.

Pets are healing in that way. And  probably is a good thing. 

“If you want to feel loved , get cancer. “

A dad of three , husband to a breast cancer fighter , wrote this amazing article and I just wanted to share it today. 

This is really the roots of the FLM / Share love that’s all. foundation. 

Because Mike got cancer ... our family has felt real love. 

His words could not be more true and exactly what we have felt. 

Love is healing. 

Love can cure. 

And as I always say has done so for us , more than any of the many chemo drugs. 

I want to share just a few of the pictures of love we have felt over the past couple of months. It is everyday that someone texts, emails, calls, sends mail, gifts, hugs and love. So there is no way I could share them all here but here are a few pictures of how much you love us . Your love pulls us through. We are so grateful.

Many have text and asked what are the next steps on the journey for Mike. Mike will have a Pet scan next week and of course it creates anxiety. 

But I’m trying to focus on the love as the cure , the love pictured below, because I know God is ahead of us on this journey. 

His love. And your love. Have pulled us through this far. 

And will pull us through next week too, no matter the results. 

Trust in the lord with all your heart and don’t lean on your crazy 😜 human thoughts. 

Because no matter what. We will be ok. 

Thank you for your prayers and love, it is all we need. 

And plenty of sweatshirts left 🤗to purchase . My mom encouraged me  and went with me last Friday to go pass out sweatshirts and t-shirts , to help me get out of my own head. And I’m reminded each time I’m there , that we are not the only ones suffering. That we keep fighting for everyone else suffering, it is a bleeding world no doubt.  

Thank you for  your donations. It provides more hope and love  to us and so many others than you know. ❤️

Keep loving. 

Keep swimming.  



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