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Good morning :)

I wrote the post below last week and never had a chance to post it. First I wanted to let you know of an opportunity to raise money for Be The Match.

Some of us have signed up to run the Peachtree rd race this year on July 4th and we signed up through Be the Match, an organization that I will always be grateful for. I haven't done very good with fundraising but better late than never.

I’m posting the link below if you would like to sign up . There are some spots left if you would like to run with us. I am going to send out more about how to make a donation through my fundraising page in another email.

FLM Friday. 💪🏾

Have to brag on my brave boy today.

“Kids are resilient, “ I say it , other people say it.

And it is true. They are.

But they are also fragile and vulnerable little humans.

And over the last year I have seen it play out on both sides.

They for sure are resilient. They have an ability to live in the present moment better than any adult. They are able to keep going better than anyone I know.

But they also have broken hearts. Who miss their biggest cheer leader on the side line , their (2nd 😜) favorite lap to sit in , favorite football passer , rubix cuber and favorite crawfish peeler.

They are sad too. And it crushes me for them.

But what’s amazing about kids( and I have written about it so much before) is they feel it , express it , and then get back up.

They can bravely show up to the next neighborhood nerf battle , next birthday party , and the next day for school with a genuine smile and true joy.

Way better than I can most days.

I personally attribute Jake , Celia and Graham’s ability to be resilient to the fact that they have been deeply loved. They have been loved and cheered on by family and a community with the greatest love for the past 5 yrs.

They also were born with their daddy’s genes.

They were gifted just enough time to watch him fight.

They watched him be vulnerable.

And get knocked down over and over again. Day after day for 4years.

But better still and more importantly they saw him bravely get back up every single time. Bravely go to work , teach them to ride a bike , and eat all Cajun food.

They were gifted just enough time. I must remind myself that constantly as I do want to question why. However Mike always sends me the Broken Halos song when I start to go down that dark road of unfairness and self pity.

“Don't go looking for the reasons

Don't go asking Jesus why

We're not meant to know the answers

They belong to the by and by”

And all of him lives in them. That vulnerability and resilience runs freely through each cell in their blood. I witness it every day. No one has taught me how to keep going and keep getting BACK up these past months more than them. And I thank God every day for the gift of these patience testing , zen masters. I am even grateful for the frustration because we are learning more through each tough step. They continually remind me to slow down.

Today I’m bragging on Jake .

Jake had the most time with Mike. They had a special and sweet bond that they both cherished.

He is quieter with his feeling and emotions but is the sweetest wise old soul. And remembers every last moment he had with Mike. And if you sit with him long enough , he will tell you about them all.

Yet , as most of you know , they shared a bond over being persistent and determined to finish whatever they start. Especially on puzzles , rubix cubes And yo-yos.

Almost on the obsessive side.

Graham at 10 pm - “ Jake , will you put the dumb yo-yo down. I can’t see the tv “

And their ability to not give up is what Jake will tell you he is the most proud of when it comes to being just like his daddy .

A friend gave him a yo-yo for his birthday in October . He’s started then and never quit. The fourth grade teachers announced a talent show that would take place the last week of school and his motivation grew.

So we have watched tricks , bought more expensive yo- yos from you tubers ( who knew there was an entire yo-yo world out there ) , and fallen asleep to the hum of the string against the metal.

He worked hard and Rob helped him put the music to the tricks.

As he was nervous , I told him he would do great no matter what . But that I am most proud of him for signing up just to do it. That signing up took the most courage.

He is loved by many and his village cheers him on with each new interest. Uncles , aunts, neighbors , friends , grandparents , cousins , teachers and on and on.

I know more now than ever that it takes a village to raise kid’s. And I am grateful for our village. Who teach him all the things I can’t on all the days I am struggling. I know Mike is grateful for each of you too.

And in a year where Jake could have completely shut down,

he became more confident.

More brave.

And If nothing else , it teaches me an important lesson.

It’s true , that with faith, surrender, and hard work we can become stronger from enduring hard things.

It is not easy but I believe in it because I have seen it.

I give the most credit to his teacher. They are my hero’s this year.

Celia and Graham’s too. No one has tried harder and not given up more than their teachers ( all teachers ) this year. It’s been a gift to have them , who have made my life easier when I had absolutely no energy to pour into school work.

Jake went back to school nervous and with hesitation. And yet never asked to go back to virtual learning.

I’m grateful for the few months they got in person with them.

I believe God puts people in our lives when we need them. At the exact right time. Yet we must be broken open and willing to accept the love from others. And each of their teachers were able to meet them where they were.

Kids need love. They need to feel and be loved for just being.

That’s all.

They can teach us what’s important in life if we allow it.

Sweet Celia told him this Monday morning when he was nervous and still rehearsing the routine , “ I know you will do great Jake because you know Daddy will be right there making sure you do. “ 🧡

-I know you are proud of him , Mike. I know you are proud of all three of them. And like Celia said best , when I worry you are missing out , they remind me of the truth that you live in their hearts , blood , souls , and memories. You are still alive in each of them and I am reminded each day.

You taught them to never give up.

And I’m pretty confident that stuck.-

If you need motivation to keep going and keep getting back up today, I hope these two brave guys inspire you.

He’s also seeking sponsorship, if anyone knows someone . 😉 ha. Wants to make plenty of money so he can by an iPad. Like I said , Apple ( no pun intended 😉) didn’t fall far from the tree.

Fight like Mike🧡🌙💪🏾

Trusting God with the rest ,


Pictured below - are Jake’s sweet fourth grade team all in their share love sweatshirts. These pictures mean the world to our kiddos ( and me ). They see that everyone else remembers their dad like they do 🧡

And bare with the video of the zoom 😜 #2021talent show.

Also you can play Dynamite by Taio Cruz for the full

Effect :)



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