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This morning before the kids got up I picked up Jan Richardson's book, The Cure for Sorrow.

Having felt the pressure of a wave of sadness coming on, I needed some inspiration. I felt like the page I happened to open was worth sharing.

There is no remedy for love but to love more. - Henry David Thoreau

Blessing for the brokenhearted

Let us agree

for now

that we will not say

the breaking

makes us stronger

or that it is better

to have this pain

than to have done

without this pain

Let us promise

we will not

tell ourselves

time will heal

the wound,

when every day

our waking

opens it anew.

Perhaps for now

it can be enough

to simply marvel

at the mystery

of how a heart

so broken

can go on beating ,

as if it were made

for precisely this-

as if it knows

the only cure for love

is more of it

as if it sees

the heart's sole remedy

for breaking

is to love still,

as if it trusts

that its own pulse

is the rhythm

of a blessing

we cannot fathom

but will save us nonetheless.

- Jan Richardson

I never could have fathomed

the pain of a broken heart.

And yet I never could have imagined

the blessings

of trusting that continuing to give love

and receive love

will help cure the pain

trusting this truth

feels impossible at times.

However, being loved

by each of you

has been a remedy

for our brokenness

I have to believe in the mystery

I have to keep believing

that my heart was made for this

to keep on beating

and loving

sharing Mike's love.

The Field Day

is a picture

of our hearts beating on.




in the mystery.

Trusting in the blessings

we can not even fathom,

that comes from loving

and being loved.

I am forever grateful for each of your love that has cured me, please come SATURDAY THE 29TH, so we can love on each of you.

Details below :)

The Share Love Field Day ticket is now available to purchase at Thank you, Rob!

When- Saturday, October 29th

Time - 4- 8 pm

Where - The same location as the prior two years

The fenced-in field next to 3051 Payton Rd

There will be signs and balloons on the street to guide you

The tickets include food and drinks ( that includes beer however feel free to bring other adult drinks of choice), desserts, music, games, bounce houses, balloon art, and more.

$50 for adults

$25 for children.

$120 family max

All ticket sales go to Share Love, That’s All.

You can purchase the tickets directly on the website, make a check out to Share Love, That’s all, or you may purchase them at the event. We will have card readers available for you to be able to purchase merchandise as well.

Please do not let the price of tickets keep you from coming.

The mission of the event is always about sharing love and being together, so please just show up. We will not be checking tickets at the gate :)

The more the merrier :) Please, please, please , pass this along to friends and family.

We are so excited to be with you guys. Thank you, as always, for your endless love and support. We are grateful!




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