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Share Love Sunday

No One is useless in the world who lightens the burden of another. Charles Dickens

I can't figure out if you can click on the link or not , so you may have to copy and paste it. ( I need help with technology )

But the video is worth watching. You never know where your dreams or ideas might lead one day. We have been inspired by how all the small things people have done for our family have given us hope.

We are excited about starting something similar to help out patients at Emory feel loved during their stays on the floor. Our kids are wearing a little sneak preview of what we have planned for the year ahead and our hope for the new year.

Hopes and dreams to SHARE LOVE to all and help research for the future treatments and developments by scientist and doctors in the cancer world at the same time.

We must start somewhere. We must start small. We must start.

Here's to spreading love in 2019.

We are excited to share more as plans evolve in coming months.

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!


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