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Thank you all of all the support you have given us on this journey.

When this journey began in 2016 Lindsey and I didn’t know what would happen or what to expect. Some of that has changed since then. We still don’t know what to expect, but we know that our team of doctors will do everything and anything in their power to try to cure my disease and cancer in general. A few months after my transplant I had a new spot show up. I didn’t think anything of it, but apparently it’s not good. Dr. Kota turned to a friend who he has been working with on a new way to look at how to treat cancer. Doc asked me if I had any objections to him sending samples to Medical College of Georgia in Augusta so he can maybe get a better idea of what to do next. He said he had a computer that was going to tell him what to do next. After being on that new treatment for over a year and no new tumors showing up we had better confidence of this computer diagnosis. Lindsey and I have always wanted help with research and with patients. Through this new test and the new Fight Like Mike Foundation we will be able to help with both. Below is an article that was written about this new test that can change the way we treat cancer around the world and our opportunity to participate.

My next scan will be March 6th, thank you for all the prayers and love you continue to show our family.

Mike is the new website for the foundation. It is a work in progress.


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