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FLM - Monday

Wanted to share another quote from Elizabeth Lesser in her book "Marrow"

"My suggestion may sound counterintuitive. I suggest becoming even more vulnerable. I suggest this to you because it is what I am finally learnings I confront the limits of my own will and my compulsive urge to fix, and solve, and do.

When there is nothing left to be done, and the road ahead has no markers, there is always a choice.:

I can worry about what's happening , or I can surrender to the road. I can go out into the world like an explore. I can partake of life just as it is. I can roll around and get dirty with it. I can risk it, suffer with it, feel it, and allow those I love to do the same. "

It is Monday, it is another spinal chemo infusion for Mike. We hate these the most. Especially Mike. I fear them. I fear cancer in his spinal fluid more than anything. They test for this at the same time.

I read Liz's quote yesterday and was reminded of this reminder to BE STILL and keep SURRENDERING to the journey and road. To fight like hell for the things in our control. To trust in whatever results we receive , God is with us on this road. To Fight like Mike. My Mike. But to ultimately do what we know best, but don't always practice .

Trust God will do the rest.

Surrender to your journey this week. Bad, good, scary, worrisome, joyful. Surrender.

I promise I have learned Gods grace will catch us . when we do this.

Keep Swimming



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