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Love has evolved to be our remedy from the pain that these last three years have brought our family.

Love is running through each of our veins of blood, equally as present as white cells, red cells, and platelets.

Love lives in the center of our soul and body, our heart. This is where God lives for me in each of us. At our very core. We are born with this gift. And it is ours to share.

Cancer can kill many dreams, hopes, and worldly wishes for any given person. I have watched it do this for Mike. And MY heart breaks into a million pieces each and every time. But cancer cells can not steal love. Our love for life, each other, God, and people.

It can only break us open to bleed out love and fall into the arms of someone else. It creates a need to be vulnerable, share our story, accept love and

To share love in return.

God’s love.

That’s all.

Of all the remedies of drugs that Mike has been given, and there are SO many. I continue to believe with all I have that LOVE is the most healing remedy he has received.

We have felt this from his team of doctors.

“Things that cannot be cured can still heal. Curing happens at the level of the body; healing happens to the whole person at the level of the heart and soul. “- Rachel Remen

There are a lot of promising cures and new improvements in the world of blood cancers. But not nearly enough! We have lost many friends and family because of this “stupid disease “, as Emily called it.

I think we would it stupid because we both had young children and you try to keep the language G rated. Although, I am not too sure why. Because the life experiences these little children have witnessed are far from any G rated ,happy ending , Disney fairy tale. And yet we have learned letting them in on the tougher things of life is giving them courage too. Teaching them about deep love.

But cancer is stupid. No rhyme or reason to just come and completely devastate lives of all ages, races, and economical statuses. No one is exempt. It took Emily from us.

There are a lot of missing gaps in treatments, hence why we have lost so many close to us. We want to raise money for research to help fill those gaps. But we also want to share love with families suffering the same pains we have felt

We fight for Heather & Phil, Emily & John, Sara & Roger, Jason & Michael, Penny &Richard, Barrett & Lauren, Jordan & Sally, Steve & Dana, Ramon and Drew and on and on.

We have witnessed many success stories and many that were not granted the miracle they prayed for. And my heart bleeds for all of them. Once you have received the call ....your life will NEVER be the same.

This is where the roots of our Share Love, That’s all foundation have grown and bloomed from. From Penny, who declared no matter what cancer stole from her, she could still share love until her final breath. From Heather , who has taught my how to “grieve that right way” and inspired me through the many ways she loves me.

It has grown from the days that have felt as Dark and deep as soil. Yet YOU showered us with love and light.

The miracles of love you all have shared with us have helped this foundation grow. Helped us find courage and purpose amidst heartache.

So ,we want to celebrate and share our love in return with you. And at the same time bring light and awareness to blood cancers, research, bone marrow transplants, patient and family care , and everything our foundation is trying to help heal.

Healing start with being broken open and allowing love to flow out in the way I watched Mikes donor cells flood his body November 6, 2016, from a courageous act of kindness from a stranger.

On our blog we have this Zac Brown song. Mike and I listen to on the way ,to and from, every scan day. Every tough moment in this journey. And every good moment too.

We believe love is the remedy and will heal all wounds.

We're all in this world together

Life's a gift that we have to treasure

Happiness, now that is the measure

Love is the remedy

(Love is the remedy)

Everyone can be forgiven

One love and one religion

Open up your heart and listen

Love is the remedy

Pray to be stronger and wiser

And know you get what you give

God is love one another


Our incredible Share Love, That’s All team would be honored to have you join us for our first FIELD DAY and celebrate with you. There are so many people I have to thank for believing in us and making this come to life. This would not be happening if not for our army who has pulled together again and is making this actually become more than just a dream. It takes a village and I am so grateful for ours.

When - October 5th 4-8 pm

Where- The Pope’s field

3051 Payton Rd

Atlanta, 30345

What your ticket includes-

Games ( Balloon toss), jumpy houses, music,

authentic Jambalaya, entertainment, Adult beverages ,

juice boxes and more :)

Why- To bring awareness and light to blood cancers, research,

Be The Match, and more.

But mainly to have fun and Share Love!

You can purchase tickets :


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