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Winship 5k- 1 week

Your legacy is every life you have touched.

Maya Angelou

Dear Mike ,

It has been hard to plan for the 5k without you.

I miss you. Nothing new here.

Pictures from last year make me want to travel back in time

and long for you to be here.

Beside me .

Waking beside me .

Walking beside me.

The kids said one night last week…

That they wished you could have your cell phone in heaven.

My heart broke into a million pieces again.


Wouldn’t that be amazing.

To have your cellphone in heaven.

I think that’s why I keep writing to you.

Keep talking to you.

And hoping you will meet me somewhere.

That I will hear your voice

Your spirit

coming through the winds

Like the radio transmitted waves though a cell phone.

One can only hope.

You met me in my dreams that night.

And sometimes I can hear you talk back.

The next morning,

I read the quote by Maya Angelou

I had woken up sad and missing you.

As I often do after dreaming about you.

But I think God and you knew this particular morning,

that I was sad and together you sent me this quote.

Celia woke up and found me on the back deck ,

Right after reading it.

I was hoping and watching for you to visit us on the bird feeders.

I read the quote to her.

She asked what legacy meant.

And then of course she half regretted asking me , when I was 30 min in explaining ,

as she asked can we have breakfast already ? 😜

She does love to hear about you always.

I told her about all the lives her daddy , fightlikemike , has touched and inspired.

This is legacy.

Your legacy.

When she sees pictures or how many people signed up for the race ,

she says you are famous 😝

I thought you would get a kick out of that.

Although I let her know that first and most importantly-

She , Jake and graham are your greatest legacy.

I told her how your life,

love and inspiration ,

will live on with each shirt we give out.

With each message in your own handwriting to ….

Keep swimming.

That each person that reads it will be

or has been touched by you.

Inspired by you.

To me, that is worth living for .

That this is why I keep sharing your love with others.

With hope that others will learn to believe in themselves,

the way you believed.

I am working on this lesson each day too.

It is hard.

But the more I fight like you

by surrender to Gods plan

and by trusting this journey ,

even though I do not understand it at all....

The more I believe in your purpose and your legacy.

That your short life time, is teaching others how to live.

This keeps me believing in sharing your message ,

even through the sadness and the longing to have you here.

I must keeping swimming for you.

One of our favorite Zac Brown songs to listen to was ...

On the Day that I die.

It has been coming on Pandora when I run lately .

“Cause I believe that I

Was born with a song inside of me

Never question why

I just keep on singing these melodies

As time goes by

It's funny how time can make you realize

We're running out of it

On the day that I die

I wanna to say that I

Was a man who really lived and never compromised

And when I've lived out my days

Until the very end”

You for sure were born with a song inside of you.

You sung is so incredibly well.

Never questioning.

Never asking ,

why me ?

Reaching so many others.

Through your gentle fight song.

You did this.

And I am proud and honored to have been your person.

Your wife.

To witness this first hand.

And I will keep fighting like you everyday.

And sharing your love.

Your legacy.

(Especially and most importantly with Jake , Celia , and Graham)

But with the rest of the world too.

You lived out your days until the very end , humbly , with determination and with love.

And have touched the lives of so very many already,

And I can’t even fathom how many in years to come.

And I am forever inspired . And so very grateful.

I love you 29, Snookie.


Thank you all who have signed up for the race. Thank you for helping us keep Mike’s legacy alive. You all have touched my heart again.

I have given out over 150 shirts already. That’s 150 messages of

Keep swimming spreading around and this gives me hope each day.

We still have plenty of shirts to send !

If you signed up and haven’t received a shirt it may either be in the mail or I do not have your address.

I’m attaching a link to a form you can fill out to make it easier to get a shirt to you.

After the virtual race Saturday , October 3rd , I will post the shirts on to be purchased.

Here is the link to sign up for the race

After you sign up here is the link to pick out your shirt.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Keep Swimming y’all.



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