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Fight Like Mike Friday- Share love , That's All

FLM Friday.

When the world shut down.

When the pandemic shut down the world.

Almost a year ago.

The world was unrecognizable.

I remember I finally left the house and went to the grocery store, a week after Mike died.

I had not gone anywhere besides to the funeral home and the chapel for Mikes service in a months time.

My focus was “zoomed in”( no pun intended 😁) on my little world.

Laser focused on Mike.

And so although I was aware that a pandemic was beginning.

It selfishly did not matter to me in those first weeks.

The day I did finally drive to the store

the streets , the parking lot , the store....

they were all completely empty.

The outside world felt as much like a ghost town

as inside of the four walls of our home.

Our personal world , inside our home had instantly become as unrecognizable as the streets.

The streets I have known since I was a child.

Everything felt different.

The last year has brought much time for reflection.

So much slow time for me.

As I say that , I know that there are so many people that feel the opposite.

That they have not been given the gift of slowness.

Instead, are overworked and have the weight of the world on their shoulders.

Yet this year , I have been given the gift of more slowness and togetherness with my three kids.

Much togetherness.

My mom and I recently talked about how over the four years of Mike being sick ,

my worry was always where I should be.

Mike or the kids ? And now I have been given an entire year with just them.

No Mike.

It does make me sad and I would have given anything to have had this year together ,

the five of us.

I wanted the world to slow down the entire time Mike was sick.

But it never did.

Selfishly. I was selfish.

And then it did.

The world did shut down.

Two weeks before Mike died.

The slowed down time this year .

The healing time .

The slow time ,

has given me a chance to reflect.

And realize ....

God knew better.

He always did.

For Mike.

And for us.

We can’t predict the pain he may have been in this year.

Not to mention the masks. He hated the masks even when he was the only one who had to wear them.

He would hate this now.

It doesn’t make losing him easier.

However questioning

why now or why ever.

Simply why ?

These questions do not serve me well.

"Don't go looking for the reasons

Don't go asking Jesus why

We're not meant to know the answers

They belong to the by and by

They belong to the by and by"

- Broken Halos

When I surrender to the journey ,

When I just surrender ...

the way Mike surrendered.

I can look at the year with gratitude.

And as a gift.

It has humbled me.

More than I ever realized.

It has made me feel small

and so very unimportant.

Mike didn’t just die , hundreds of thousand of people died.

Many people close to me lost their most important people too.

Covid and non covid related .

So much loss and pain .

Never have I felt so small.

And I thank God for that.

I need this Perspective as I wake each and every morning.

Life is not about me.

It is not about my kids.

It is about a universe.

It is about a world that deserves better.

It is about spirit.

And God.

And love.

And the reminder that God is love.

A world that needs love.

Now more than ever.

We need forgiveness .

And togetherness.

We need each other.

And we need to Share love.

We created a share love “keep swimming “ care package.

Pictures below are what it includes.

( sweatshirt , t-shirt, pens , bracelets , a deck of cards, and candy :)

Let us Share Mike’s love with you and for you.

Valentine’s Day was never too important to me and Mike.

Although he would always bring me flowers from “ the flower guy“.

This guy who would stop by and sell bouquets to all the long hour working salesmen at the dealership

(who most likely forgot any special occasion 😆 ).

A genius move on this guys part.

They were always beautiful too !

I will miss Mike bringing the flowers home to surprise me.

And miss our Uber eats dinner together.

But I will certainly feel his love just as present as always.

And I will be


Be grateful because I was given the chance to feel his love physically and now in spirit.

And because I am loved by so many .

And I do not take that for granted.

I would Love to share his love and his reminder to Keep swimming for you to your loved ones suffering.

You can purchase the care package at

Unfortunately the sweet Puppy is not included. 😊

Fight Like Mike (every minute ) .....Trust God with the rest 🧡

And here is our favorite 18 second video of him as we got home after being told he would need surgery to remove part of his lung. This short video makes us smile when we are sad and missing him. He knew how to make the world a better place. I keep trying to live my days like him. With surrender, ease and with humor. I hope he inspire you today....To getting back up.




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