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Thank you

Good morning Fight Like Mike Army,

I wanted to say Thank YOU , for all the love and support over this past weekend. Birthdays are no doubt hard . It is hard not think about all the what if's and what should be's, especially for Mike.

Dr. Kota text me on Sunday. He said " I know today is hard for you, but its important that we remember how someone changed someone else's life and he certainly changed a lot of lives."

Thank you all for all the ways you love us and remind me how he changed your life.

Thank you for surrounding us in person and in spirit and through generous donations at the Winship 5k Saturday. I loved hugging so many of you at the walk. Something about being together through hard things, that makes my heart feel a little lighter. We missed those of you who could not be there, but know we felt your love from a far.

Each small or big thing you have done, has changed my life.

I don't take that for grated , not for one minute.

Thank you .

I am grateful beyond words.

Many of you shared with me pictures and texts, about the rainbow,and the Auburn FLM sky, his birthday morning . We had brunch and toasted Mike with Bloody Marys. The boys played flag football, Jake scored a touch down pass and graham played without me having to be on the field :). Celia had us carving pumpkins Sunday evening ( which started rotting the next morning ha). We were surrounded by love.

Mike would have loved the day.

Thank you for making my heart find the joy along with sadness.

You make us believe healing is always possible.

Your donations help other believe healing is possible too.

Thank you!

We love you,


“If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough.” —Meister Eckhart



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