Our Family 

Mike (Our fighter) , me (Lindsey) and our three children. Jake(9), Celia(6) , and Graham (4)


July 7, 2018

June 6, 2018


We met with Dr Kota last night  to hear the results of mikes latest PET/CT. You may know already (I hope you don’t ) that these scans use radioactive material ,that is injected into your body to find disease on the cellular level. They are extremely sensitive and pick up most anything therefore sometimes h...

June 26, 2018

Another long email - 

Hi #fightlikemike army. Summer days have come and we continue to try to find hope and joy in each one. We hope and pray summer has been great for you all too ! 

I would be lying to you once again if I said I did not spend many moments worrying about cancer but we do our best to keep swimming ( literall...

May 4, 2018

I  have had somewhat of a writers block - or probably just a blocking of memories and emotions I haven’t wanted to feel or write about lately as we approach the 2 year mark of Mike’s diagnosis. On one hand , I can hardly believe it’s been that long and I am so grateful for everyday we have had together these last two year...

December 30, 2017

God continues to hear our prayers and show us many miracles along this dark road that restore my faith. I believe more and more that suffering is the part of life that keeps me humble. Suffering has( positively )grown my relationship with God and my love for people.  I need God. I talk to God like I never have before in m...

December 2, 2017

Keep it simple, Lindsey.  KEEP IT SIMPLE. How does one complicated human living in a complicated world accomplish this? 

The three words are on a coffee mug my cousin gave me last Christmas. It’s slowly become my favorite mug to drink from every morning.  I need this reminder each morning. Especially my complicated he...

October 5, 2017

* I spoke at the kick off lunch for the Winship 5K. This is the story I shared. This is a short story version of the past year and a half.

First of all- I am honored and so grateful that Pam asked me to speak today and I  am humbled  to stand here before you and share a little bit about our Journey of Faith, Love, and hope...

October 5, 2017

So this summers bible verse at Bible school ( I think I shared in a previous email) was 

Do Good 

Seek Peace 

Go After it 

Psalm 34:14

I have thought about this as I have tried to seek purpose (and peace) from this journey. ( there has got to be another word than journey by now🙄😊)

But I believe these are simple yet powerful


September 7, 2017

Some of you may have heard already, but I have been fighting pneumonia for the past three weeks. Through all the scans and test for pneumonia Dr. Kota found a small lesion in my tissue on my upper leg. It is what everyone fears about leukemia after having a bone marrow transplant.  We started new chemo's and radiation to...

September 5, 2017

Hi. My name is Lindsey Thames. I am a daughter, sister, friend, aunt,  mother of three children and two dogs, wife of my hero, and child of God. I am not a lover of technology.And I am not organized and queen procrastinator. But... I am trying to give in to the transforming world around me in efforts to grow this dream an...

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